Since 2008, our volunteers have worked tirelessly to rescue Great Danes from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa in need of forever homes.

our mission
Our Vision
Our Values


what we've achieved

In the last 5 years...

  • Rescued and placed more than 250 Great Danes in foster and adoptive homes
  • Provided over $100,000 in veterinary care to foster Danes
  • Raised over $150,000 for our cause

In 2017...

  • Rescued and placed 46 Great Danes in foster and adoptive homes
  • Provided over $40,000 in veterinary care to foster Danes
  • Raised $50,000 for our cause
Being a UMGDR Foster is exhilarating and fulfilling. We started out looking to find a new family member and quickly found the joy in not only rescuing but allowing others to complete their families. The UMGDR has a wonderful program and staff support.
— Lyn and Terry, UMGDR Fosters
Uni is such a blessing for my daughter as well as other foster children who come into my home. I couldn’t be happier with her. She was meant to be our furever friend. Thank you thank you UMGDR for blessing us with our amazing bff.
— Belle's (now Uni's) Forever Family


We serve the animal community by providing foster homes, medical treatment, and behavioral assessments to Great Danes in need of forever homes.


  • Put Great Danes first.
  • Ensure that every Great Dane in our care finds the perfect forever home.
  • Make a difference in the animal community by providing exceptional care and service.
  • Create a loving and healing environment where passionate people can work together for a great cause.
  • Lead collaborative efforts that solve the animal communities overpopulation.
  • Assist in educating the public about the Great Dane breed.


  • Integrity. We match our actions with our words. We are honest and just in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable to the animals we serve.
  • Respect. We treat all people and animals with honor and dignity. We value all skills, talents, and dedications of all volunteers with whom we work. We are dedicated to working with one another to provide consistent, coordinated care to our Great Danes.
  • Trust. We are committed to meet the expectations and act in the best interest of our Great Danes, volunteers, and the animal community. We are thoughtful and purposeful in all our actions. We strive to foster trust within in our organization and the public.
  • Compassion. We are dedicated to creating a loving and healing environment supporting our Great Danes in need. We recognize and honor the needs of all Great Danes, and volunteers.
  • Teamwork. We are focused on a team-based culture because it provides the best outcomes for the Great Danes we serve. We see problems as something to take responsibility to solve. We embrace diversity, seeking new ideas. As one team we work toward our goal. Honest feedback is expected from all volunteers and the public. We value contributions that each volunteer makes regardless of experience, education, seniority or title.
  • Stewardship. We commit ourselves to using resources wisely and distributing them with the utmost care and consideration.
  • Finances.  We are dedicated to financial management that enables us to provide for the present and future needs of our Great Danes.