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Adopting a rescued great dane

Adopters give our rescued Danes a new lease on life in their forever homes. After our dedicated foster homes provide thorough veterinary care to our rescued Danes, as well as behavioral interventions and in-home training as needed, adopters provide the next chapter for these Danes: a happy life full of fun, wellbeing, and love.

Our family has been working with and adopting from UMGDR since 2008. Through the UMGDR adoption process, we have been fortunate enough to have had three wonderful additions to our family. We love adopting from UMGDR because they are thorough with information, making the process and match, of finding that forever home an enjoyable process.
— Kendra, UMGDR Adopter

Adoption Fee Structure

Under 6 months: $500
6 months to 6 years: $400
6 years and older: $200
Under 6 months special needs: $300
Over 6 months special needs: $200


the adoption process

applying to adopt

In order to be considered to adopt a Dane, you must first be approved by UMGDR to adopt. It is generally a good idea to apply for adoption approval as soon as you know you would like to adopt a Dane, regardless of whether or not you have a specific Dane in mind. Once we receive your application and the $25 application fee, we will schedule a home visit before approving your application and placing you on the waiting list for a dog.  Please note the time it takes to approve your home is contingent on the availability of volunteers to conduct your home visit and the dogs available at the time of your application may not be the same as those available at the time of your approval.

Watching for a match

Once you are approved, watch the Available Great Danes page. If you find a Dane you think would be a good fit for your family, contact the placement coordinator designated for the Dane to discuss your interest. Our foster families look over all applicant information received and look for the best possible match for their foster Dane. If the foster family selects you as the best possible match for their Dane, within 72 hours they will reach out to you by telephone to further discuss the possibility of adopting. If both the foster family and you still think that the Dane will be a good fit in your home, a meet up will be arranged.  If you don’t think this Dane will work for your family, you will be taken off the Dane’s list and the foster family will contact the next best match.

Meet and greet

You will have a chance to meet with the foster family and interact with the Dane you are interested in. The Dane is more likely to show its true personality if you visit him or her at the foster home where he/she is more comfortable. If the Dane has to go to new surroundings to meet new people, he/she will be more nervous and anxious and not as likely to display his/her true personality.

making the call

If the foster family and you decide it is a good match, you can complete the adoption the same day, if you wish. If you are unsure, you will have 48 hours to make a final adoption decision. UMGDR will not take deposits on our foster Danes, and after 48 hours, the Dane will be released to meet another family. (Please note that because the foster family knows the foster Dane the best, and the foster family’s main responsibility is in the interest of the Dane, the foster family does have the right to say that they don’t think your family and the Dane are the right match. This is not a reflection on you or your family; it is simply not the correct environment for the personality of that particular Dane.)

finalizing the adoption

At adoption, the foster family will collect the adoption fee, give you copies of the Dane’s vet records, and an adoption contract will be read and signed. A copy of a generic contract will be included in your approval email for reference.

You will then take your Dane home! UMGDR does not supply you with a leash, collar, toys, kennel, etc. Please bring your collar and leash with you. Once the Dane has had a chance to settle in, the foster family will contact you to see how everything is going. Approximately one month later, you will be contacted by another volunteer to see how your Dane is doing. We love pictures!

(If your adopted Dane is not working out: In compliance with the Adoption Agreement, all dogs adopted from UMGDR will be returned to UMGDR. If the dog is returned within 14 days of adoption, the adoption fee will be refunded. After 14 days, no monies will be refunded.)

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