volunteering with umgdr

Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers, and we could use your help in a number of ways! Whether through fostering or donating time, goods, or funds, we appreciate our volunteers and owe any success solely to their generosity.

Open Volunteer Positions

There are currently no open volunteer positions, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved! Please consider contributing to UMGDR in one or more of the ways below.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Open your home to a Dane in need of stability, support, and love. UMGDR does not board any of its Danes, so having a wide network of foster homes is vital. We would love to add you to our network! Read more about fostering.



Our rescue depends on donations to cover operating costs, and many of our donations are given at events. Our Board members and event coordinators always appreciate help from volunteers in successfully running events, whether helping to set up or tear down, talking to the public during events about our work, or bringing along your Dane as a UMGDR ambassador.


Pick up the Dane and transport it to the foster home. We cover all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. Our Transport Coordinator will send information to the transport team to set up a Dane Train when needed. Our goal is to have several volunteers for the transport so no one person will be on the road for hours on end.

home visits

Each applicant must be visited by a UMGDR at home to pass a home visit before a Dane is placed with them. This entails visiting with the applicant at their home, observing the environment, both physical and emotional, and determining if this is a suitable home for the Dane. Different Danes will have different needs in what constitutes a proper home for them.


Help is always needed to obtain donations to keep the rescue running. These can be in the form of cash, crates, blankets, veterinary supplies, veterinary care, and more. If you know of a person or organization with money, goods, or services to donate, please contact us.


Help us by taking fabulous photos of our foster Danes! These photos are added to Danes' adoption profiles and are instrumental in introducing the dogs to potential adopters.