Current Foster Danes

Get to know our fosters as they prepare for adoption!
Some Danes require more care than others. Click any of the green "Sponsor" boxes to contribute toward the care of these Danes.

Hospice Thor.png

Thor is our handsome 6.5 year old foster dane.  He has been placed on hospice since coming into the rescue due to multiple spine issues along with an unknown mass growing in a muscle.  He is currently on a medication regimen that has brought him much needed pain relief.  Thor will now “prance like a horse” on two mile daily walks!  He also loves to play with the resident Danes in the backyard.

Kimber (1).PNG

Kimber is a 5 month old Mantle who is working on his manners and obedience. He loves everyone but doesn't know how to properly interact just yet.

Luna - In kitchen.jpeg

Luna is a 1.5 yr old Mantle who came into rescue with major allergy issues. Once she is healed up, look for her on the adoptions page!


Grace is a 4 yr old Fawn who is working on her resource guarding. She is learning to live with the resident cat and putting on some pounds!


Harper is a 2 yr old Merle who is working on learning her manners. She has a happy tail and is waiting to be spayed.


Hank is a 3 year old Merle who is an overgrown puppy! He loves to run in his yard and is working on learning some new tricks.


Lucy is a Mantle puppy who is recovering from a broken leg. She is adorable in her mini cast and is learning to be a good canine citizen from her foster sisters.


Thor & Zeus are bonded brothers who are loving foster life on the farm. They are working on gaining weight and learning their manners with the help of their foster brother who is a UMGDR alum.


Asher came into rescue with a severely swollen leg and is being treated for infection. He is growing quickly and loves playing with his foster siblings.


Harley is dealing with some allergy and ACL issues while in rescue. She is learning to live with children and is as sweet as they come.


Harper just completed 5 weeks at training and is continuing to perfect her newly learned skills. Once she is spayed she will be looking for her forever home.


Gunner is beginning an obedience course to learn how to interact more properly with other dogs, especially new ones


Legend is recovering from major surgery to fix an ACL tear that impacted his ability to walk. He has a new lease on life and is loving his new mobility.


You might see Joker at an event near you. He is fully recovered from his Heartworm treatment and Joker loves people but is overstimulated by new dogs, especially in social situations. His foster home is working with him on meeting new dogs and he will be attending obedience training before going up for adoption.